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Bittersweet Bracelet

Wear your hair elastic on these stylish bracelets.

Editors Note

This simple idea keeps your hair elastic on your wrist while preventing them from cutting off your circulation. A must have for every woman with long hair!

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The Bittersweet Bracelet is a simple, yet, an elegant bracelet. However, is specially designed to hold a single large or multiple small hair elastics for convenience. By placing the bracelet on your wrist you automatically have a place to store your hair elastics. Therefore enabling you to conveniently change your hairstyle on the go. From the casual summer carefree style to an elegant evening up-do.

All thanks to Maria Shireen who has created a variety of stylish versions of the Bittersweet Bracelet. She has created a version of the bracelet for kids. A variety of versions for adults and also a signature high-end version.
Maria launched her unique hair tie bracelets in 2015 and they are distributed to forty-five countries. Her husband designed this bracelet as a gift to her. Lovingly creating a unique accessory she can share with the world.
Because there are many styles in Maria's collection there is a bracelet to suit a variety of different tastes.

The Bittersweet Bracelet is the perfect gift for any woman who wants conveniently tame their wild hair. An essential and absolutely beautiful accessory.

Materials Available: Gold, Silver, Steel, Rose Gold, Plastic (BPA Free)
Styles Available: Bittersweet (original), b+sweet (kids), Signature (sparkling interior)
Sizing: Adults: 6 - 6.75 inch circumference wrist. Kids: Fits up to 5.5 inch circumference wrist (recommended 5-10 yr olds)
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