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Aros Sleep Hoodie

An inflatable pillow is built-in to the hood allowing you to rest on the go.

Editors Note

This hoodie is perfect for those that like to catch some z's while travelling or waiting. The inflatable pillow in the hood makes a quick pillow when you need it and deflates when you don't.

Starting at $79.00 USD

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The Aros (formerly Hypnos) Sleep Hoodie is a fully funded Kickstarter project. The project raised over $300,000 from 3,000+ backers. The idea of the hoodie is simple. An inflatable pillow is installed in the hood. The wearer can inflate/deflate the pillow usingĀ a valve conveniently located in the left front section of the hood. Inflated, the pillow allows you to rest wherever you are. Deflated, the pillow decompresses and hides away allowing a normal hoodie appearance.

Styles: Mens & Womens
Features: Types include: Zip-up, pull-over, fitted, front pocket, and nylon materials
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