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Presto MyJo Coffee Maker

Pump action single serving coffee maker.

Editors Note

This single serving coffee maker uses hand pump technology coupled with K-Cup compatibility to make a perfect travel companion.

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This single serving coffee maker is a simple, all-in-one device that covers almost every requirement for a travel coffee maker. The design is simple, a 3 piece pump system pushes hot water through a K-Cup or reusable K-Cup filter, directly into your cup or mug. The cup-top brewer design is similar to what we've seen from the Aeropress.

Because the system uses K-Cups, you can easily bring pre-packaged coffee or tea with you, or use a reusable filter and add your own coffee grounds. Brewing is a simple process:

  • Heat water either externally in a kettle or on the stove top - or by filling the MyJo water reservoir and microwaving.
  • Add a K-Cup or refillable K-Cup compatible filter to the black base.
  • Screw the base onto the water reservoir and add the pump to the top.
  • Place the brewer on top of your mug or cup and pump the coffee down into it.
  • Enjoy!

Cleanup is as simple as removing the K-Cup and rinsing the unit clean. The self contained filter system means that everything is contained and there are no additional consumed filters - all you need is coffee and hot water!

Coffee Pod Compatibility: K-Cups + Refillable K-Cups
Hot Water Source: External or Fill Water Reservoir and Microwave
Filter: Reusable Filter Included
Weight: 14.1 oz
Dimensions: 4.1in by 4.1in by 9in
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