• Keyport Slide Everyday Multi-Tool Black
  • Specs of the 6 port Slide 3

Keyport Slide 3.0

The Everyday Multi-Tool holds your keys, USB, Knife, Light & More.

Editors Note

Keyport has packed a ton of features into this amazing little tool that lets you slide out keys, USB keys, knives & more.

Starting at $39 USD

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Keyport is a Las Vegas based company which makes everyday multi-tools as a better way to carry keys, knives, usb keys, lights and more in your pocket. The team has created the latest 3.0 version of their slide product which keeps your keys and tools a quick slide away from being accessible. The no-jingle storage system is perfect for carrying everything you need in your pocket.

Material: Anodized Aluminum
Color Options: Red, Black, Silver
Available Add-Ons: Knife, LED Light, BLE Locator with LED Light
Tagged: everyday multi-tool, key organizer

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