• Aukey magnetic mount in use
  • Magnetic Aukey mount attaching to iphone
  • Magnetic plate installed into phone case
  • Adhesive disk + stand usage
  • Aukey magnetic vent holder packaging and included

AUKEY Magnetic Car-Vent Phone Mount

Magnetic mount for any smartphone that attaches to your car's air vent.

Editors Note

Glowing customer feedback and compatibility with any smartphone or handheld device makes this mount a great choice.

$6.99 USD

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This magnetic phone mount allows you to attach any smartphone or device to your car's air vent. Use your phone in any orientation and quickly remove it when you're done. The strong magnet base contains 4 permanent magnets. These magnets are aligned to create a unidirectional short-range magnetic field which won't interfere with your smartphone. Customer feedback shows that this magnetic base securely attaches to most air vents.

Once you've set the mounting base you have two options for your phone. You can attach the included adhesive metal disk to the back of your phone. Alternatively you slide a slim metal piece into the back of your phone's case.

Magnet Type: Short distance magnet for no device interference
Compatibility: Adhesive magnet or slim plate inserted into device case. Compatibile with any device.
Connection: Magnetic mount attaches to car vent
Extra Features: Use the vent mount as a stand on a flat surface
Included: 1x Vent Mount, 1x Metal Plate, 1x Adhesive Metal Plate
Warranty: 24 Month
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