• Norpro Instant Immersion Heating Water in a Cup
  • The Norpro Instant Immersion Water Heater Detail

Instant Immersion Portable Water Heater

Heat water directly in your mug with this immersion heater.

Editors Note

This minimalistic heater is perfect for those who need to heat water on the go where a power outlet is available. Ideal for hotel or dorm use.

$9.79 USD

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This handy little water heater is an absolutely simple design. The unit is simply a cord attached to a nickel plated brass heating element. The base of the element features a small clip tab which allows you to rest the water heater inside a cup, mug or bowl and heat water. This unit is perfect for those travelling with access to a power outlet such as in a hotel, hostel or dorm room. This water heater really is the most travel-friendly alternative to a portable kettle. Can be used to brew hot water for coffee, tea, soup and more!

Disclaimer and Use Instructions:

This water heater must be used with caution. The element can easily burn or melt unsuitable materials and should be used with extreme caution. In order to safely heat water, follow these guidelines:

  • Only heat water in appropriate holders like ceramic or glass mugs.
  • Completely cover the element with liquid when heating.
  • Be sure to fully submerge before┬áplugging the heater in .
  • Be sure to leave submerged for a short period after unplugging the heater.
  • Have a place ready to set the heater after heating your liquid.
Element Material: Nickel Plated Brass
Power: 120 volts / 300 watt
Weight: 1.6 oz
Dimensions: 1.5 x 4 x 7.5 in
Tagged: portable water heater

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