• Riding with the Cobi Bike
  • Control the COBI with the Thumb Controller
  • Front Light for the Cobi
  • Rear Brake Light for the Cobi

COBI Connected Bike System

Connect your smartphone to your bike with the COBI accessories.

Editors Note

The COBI connected bike system uses your smartphone and a selection of bike accessories to provide you a completely new biking experience.

Starting at $179 USD

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The COBI Bike is a single integrated system that uses your smartphone as the centerpiece of your smartbike. The 6 piece accessory kit lets you mix and match the features you need. Your phone acts as the controller for the entire system.

Features Include:

  • GPS
  • Music Control
  • Weather
  • Anti-Theft
  • Fitness Measurement
  • Realtime Data & Feedback
  • Phone Charging
  • Lights including Turn Signals & Brake Lights
  • Thumb Controller
  • eBike Integration

And More!

Available Accessories: 6 Total for a Complete Setup
New Biking Features: Real Time Data, Safety (Lights, Turn Signals & More), Navigation, Music, Fitness Monitoring, Bike Security
Phone Compatibility: Latest iOS and Android Phones
Tagged: bike accessories, smartbike

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